Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Post Anfield Euphoria

What a result for the mighty Reds last night against the Arse, who payed their part but seemed to lack mental strength when it was most needed. If things don't go well for them over the next year or so, it's good to know that Arsene Wenger has got a chauffeur career to fall back on.

And I've been trying to find time to get my act together and write some reviews, so here's some words on some imminent "hot shit."

Title: Backseat Driver EP
Artist: Slutbox
Label: Siteholder
Genre: Sinister Minimal Pimp Shit

A1: Jason Emsley's "Lick It, Smack It, Rib It Down Remix"
A2: BumpinUglyRemix
B1: Original
B2: Butane's "Percocet" Remix

"Get your dirty ass in the back" indeed. A menacing four-tracker that throughout it's four incarnations retains a sonar-like synth stab. All mixes function admirably at varying levels of intensity. Personal fave is probably the Jason Emsley remix, along with Butane's slower, more sluggish, spookier offering.

Title: Corian
Artist: Sean Palm
Label: Railyard Recordings
Genre: Warm, Deep Metronomic Grooviness

A: Corian (original mix)
B: Corian (Simon Flower remix)

The original is a simple hip swinger that brings the sound of waves breaking on the shore and vibrant strings into the mix when things are beginning to feel a little empty. It's a gentle, hypnotic piece that never overstates it's case. Simon Flower's remix is similarly warm but deeper still, and more urgent than the original. I'm imagining driving through the Mersey Tunnel at night twatted to this one.

Title: Curd & Whey
Artist: Alland Byallo
Label: Nightlight Music

1: Curd
2: Whey
3: Curd (Mikael Stavostrand Remix)
4: Curd (Michal Ho's Charmed Quark Remix)

The hi-hat in "Curd" is well in tune with one of techno's current trends. Ever since Petre Inspirescu started employing off-beat percussion in his tracks it's become a feature, and a good one at that. It's soon going to be past it's sell-by date though. Not that it is here of course. It's used well and combines with space and a lovely squelchy noise that sounds like a synthesied castanet. "Whey" isn't as lively, making use of muffled harmonies occasionally interrupted by discordant metallic foghorns. Out of the two remixes I prefer Mikael Stavostrand's. More full-on than Michal Ho's, but both have their merits and both will work the floor at different times in the set, Ho's being more of an opener.

Title: Okay No Disco
Artist: Gavin Herlihy
Label: Paradigma Music
Genre: Inventive Twist on Trance and Techno

A: Okay No Disco
B: Sink Or Swim

"Okay No Disco" is moody stuff that works well because of it's grating contradictory rhythm. There's a noise in there that I swear is sampled from "Lost in Space" or some similar fities/sixties sci-fi series. The hook is an aggressive, arpeggiated Plastikman-inspired monster. "Sink or Swim" has me thinking of riding a horse across endless snowy fields in the Arctic Circle. It's a clever trance-techno hybrid that builds it's momentum intelligently.

Title: Godson EP
Artist: Ben Wijay
Label: Phreakin
Genre: Deep/Tech House

A: Godson
B1: Murk
B2: Chicken & Chips

"Godson" is moody, sinister space funk. This is what they'll be playing on the last saucer from Venus as it hurtle past an ever-expanding Sun. It's going to make the fluff stand up on your bra. "Murk" is an acid-tinged grinder that has it's vocal samples well to the fore while the jauntily titled "Chicken and Chips" wears it's deep tech Detroit credentials on it's sleeve. A strong package from Australia's Phreakin' that hopefully brings the talented Mr Wijay to a wider audience.

Title: A Place for Everything and Everything in it's Place
Artist: Leif
Label: Fear of Flying
Genre: Tech House

1: Everywhere I Go I Meet Myself
3: Squally Showers
4: Squally Showers (Polder remix)

"Everywhere I Go I Meet Myself" well, I know how Leif feels. There's a haunted feel to this track in parts, especially when the cavernous voice kicks in. It's a good track, but a little too jerky. I like "OHNH" a lot, and it fairly bounds along, underpinned by undulating chords that give it a space jazz feel, the kind of feel you might get on acid in the Death Star. "Squally Showers" is a mid-tempo upstart of a track that displays Leif's funk credentials on the mantlepiece while Polder's remix speeds things up a bit and adds a bit of Detroit-inspired depth. A strong package from FOF.

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