Friday, April 18, 2008

Magnum Opuses

magnum opus |ˈmagnəm ˈōpəs|
noun ( pl. magnum opuses or magna opera |ˈmagnə ˈōpərə; ˈäpərə|)
a large and important work of art, music, or literature, esp. one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer.
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Latin, ‘great work.’

That's a few bottles of very expensive champagne where I come from, and that's another bout of unnecessary self-depracation. On with the music. . .

Tripping Among The Stars (A Necessary Journey) - Sound Patrol (Organico)

Derrick Carter on untouchable form. From the "Sweetened, No Lemon LP on Dubtribe's Organico label. He's never done better, and he's done amazingly well on multiple occasions. I'm amazed that this hasn't been picked up by the new deep house mafia yet. Maybe it's because it's from Chicago rather than from Detroit or New York. Anyway, this is my all-time favourite deep house track. You can get off my back now John, it's up.

This review from Discogs says it all. Except that it's 17 minutes + of pure soulful house.

Buy this record for the opener, 'Tripping Among The Stars', an absolute gem of a house track. With a sub-120bpm groove, the first 5 minutes builds to the vocal intro that seals the awesome DEEPNESS of this killer cut. 10 minutes of pure soulful house, an analogue bassline to die for and a track you'll check over and over again when the lights are low. The other tracks are great, but the opener is worth the admission price alone.

I'll never post a better mp3. Fact.

The Meaning - Ron Trent & Chez Damier (Prescription Underground)

From The Language 12", a double-header with The Collective, this is my all-time favourite Prescription track, and like Derrick Carter there've been many wonderful moments. Nothing beats this simple instrumental, complete with coughing, as far as uplifting house music is concerned. Simply brilliant.

Digeridoo - The Aphex Twin (R & S)

Originally released on R & S back in 1992! I've got it from the "Classics" compilation released in the mid-nineties on sky blue vinyl pop pickers. Excellent full-on track that, rightly or wrongly didn't do it for me too much when it was released due to the whole Megadog crusty tribal techno baggage it came along with. Not arguing with it now though.

24-24 - Cabaret Voltaire (Some Bizarre/Virgin)

Diskono - Cabaret Voltaire (Some Bizarre/Virgin)

My all-time favourite beat combo. Both tracks come from "The Crackdown" LP released in 1983, "Diskono" being on a limited edition 12" that soundtracked the "Doublevision" VHS. I remember bumping into Stephen Mallinder at the Notting Hill carnival in 1987 speeding off my head. He looked like he was too.

Anyone spot Chris Watson, (old CV member who'd already left by the time of The Crackdown's release), recording puffins with Bill Oddie on tv a few weeks ago?

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any chance of re-upping "the meaning" track there? plz