Sunday, April 13, 2008

Interesting, Very Interesting . . .

Once more I trawl through the cosmic slop that is my record collection, in search of uncut gems. So here are some more . . .

E-Dub - Glory B (Grow!)

Each cut on this four tracker is the business! Grow! came out of Austria in the mid-nineties and as far as I know has yet to be bettered by the land that gave us Red Bull. Jeremiah and Don Disco were two of their most prolific artists, but the "Friday Island" EP, from which this track is taken, is for me the quintessential release. Basic Channel style dubbiness and rasping house-paced metallics made Grow! a label with high quality control and ahead of it's time.

Behind Closed Doors (Theo Parrish remix) - Losoul (Elevate)

Playhouse recording artist Losoul enlists Theo Parrish to remix and the result is a consciously fuzzy tribal affair, not typical of Theo's solo work at the time. A groovesome open-ended affair that doesn't sound like Losoul either.

I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits - Moodymann (KDJ)

Needs no intro. Mid-paced house jam that still sounds fresh today. Possibly the Mann's best-known cut along with "Shades of Jae."

I'm The Baddest Bitch (Moodymann remix) - Norma Jean Bell (Pandamoniam)

Kenny Dixon Jnr again, this time on remix duties. This, like "I Can't KickThis Felling . . " was huge when I was living in Paris in the mid-nineties. The sax can be annoying, but that's NJB herself, and she's the baddest bitch!

Windy City - Jack-Tronic (Peacefrog)

Who is/was Jack-Tronic? I don't think he gave up the day job. Pity. One of a clutch of Peacefrog releases that made their mark by artists who have disappeared into the ether. The title, plus the time when it was made when Chicago was at the top of the tree, make this a worthy addition.

My mate Pete has started a blog, he's already fallen behind on his posts though, after his first. Anyway, early days yet. Get yer finger out Pete.

Read Pete's embryonic efforts here

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daniel said...

from my knowledge back in the day, jack-tronic was a side project (1off at that) of neil landstrumm with a chicago-sounding experiment that was dominant at the time.