Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Urban Promise - TR One (NiceandNasty)

Here's a review of a new TR One release on Dublin's NiceandNasty records. I unwittingly submitted it to Resident Advisor not knowing that they don't publish reviews of digital-only releases.

Title: Urban Promise EP
Artist: TR One
Label: Nice and Nasty
Cat Number: NANO 20
Genre: Techno

Mystery Train (instrumental)
Detroit after Dark

Nice and Nasty hails from Dublin, a city not necessarily known for it's techno proclivities. However, with acts such as TR One making themselves heard, and other labels such as FVF, Leopold Bloom's stomping ground at least has the potential to make it's mark. Like the UK, which in spite of having it's fair share of great artists has never really provided a caring home for techno, Ireland, and Dublin in particular, will always produce artists and labels of worth but aside from a few outposts of burning enthusiasm the genre will be criminally under patronised.

The Urban Promise EP is a sophisticated piece of work, from the stoned beats of 'Mystery Train (instrumental)' whose lazy, hazy lo-fi ambience recalls Moodymann's soundscapes to 'Cancri' which uses a wormhole of an acid synth line to burrow deep in your brain, this is a varied and atmospheric release that is grand in scope and evokes a multitude of influences, each one slightly more subtle than the previous. If I say that 'Liberate' makes me feel like I'm strolling through a fantasy landscape with a citadel around each corner, each one more impressive than the former, then you'll have to take my word for it. 'Detroit after Dark' is a rumbling sinister affair, and my least favourite track on offer. Easy listening it isn't, but it contrasts nicely with 'Mystery Train . . .' and provides an unpredictable finish to a well-balanced EP.

A label that's been around for a while but now seems to be gaining a head of steam, the future's looking good for Nice and Nasty and TR One.

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