Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Stuff of Life

Here it is . .

My Beat (Disco Circus Mix) - Blaze
Supernatural (B.H.Q. Club Mix) - Firefly (Slip and Slide)

Two of Derrick's finest, both on Slip n' Slide, which perfectly encapsulate his deft use of vocals along with his pounding drums and off-kilter electronics. If you stay still to these you're dead.

Dive into You (Vocal Mix) - Hefner vs Cosmos (Inertia)

Me old mucker Kevin Harding came up with this when we were Wednesday night Gold Bar residents. A perfect slice of dubby deep house where trance meets the groove. Tom Middleton on hand to add a bit of polish.

God Made Me Funky (Original Mix) - MD Express (Open)

You all know this one. Currently seeping into sets far and wide. A classic.

Magic Trick - DJ X-Ray (Kumba)

A Roy Davis Jnr joint and one of four tracks from the last release on Kumba. Great piece of workaholic structurally building house.

New York State of Mind - Jamz Nylon & Jahkey B (Nylon Recordings)

Acid b-lines with monotone spoken word delivery can't be beat.

Passages -Tony Watson (Ibadan)

Hypnotic perfection from Ibadan. One of the best single-side releases I've ever come across and yes, that includes all of Moodymann's efforts.

Go See Ya - Party Crashers (Acacia)

A secret weapon tucked away on an obscure four-tracker on Kelli Hand's Acacia label. Another spoken word, as seems to be the theme this weekend. Arguably the best of the lot. Insistent driving wormhole business. Play this one out and reap the benefits.

Not so many photos to adown my posts this weekend. Curse you Discogs!

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