Saturday, March 08, 2008

Machines Playlist: 8/3/08

Tonight's show went very well. Here's what was played:

Liberate - TR One (Nice ad Nasty)
Psychotic Photosynthesis - Omar S (FXHE Music)
Time Zero (Paul Rich remix) - Shonky (Freak n' Chic)
Foly - DOP (Milnor Modern)
Almost Famous - Sebrok (Paso)
Motions (Sunrise dub) - Patrice Scott (Sistrum)
Sometimes I Cry - Mr G (O Proof)
All I Can Say (Davide Squillace remix) - Mark Henning (white)
It Ain't Music - Vera & Federico Molinari (Love Letters from Oslo)
Pong - Kerri Chandler (Deeply Rooted House)
Ate You - Hauke Freer (Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Deutscher Girl 7 - Le Jockey (white)
Hold Me - Oracy (Mojuba)
I'm Getting Lost in my Brain (Detroit Grand Pubas remix) - Alexander Robotnick (Hot Elephant)
We Said Nothing - Matthew Styles (Diamonds & Pearls)
Nerd Soul - Massi DL & Expansul (Soma)
Southbound - My My (Ostgut Ton)
West Side Horn - Losoul feat. This Time (Playhouse)

Really loving Patrice Scott's stuff at the moment and I don't care what anyone says. Music keeps on getting better and better.

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