Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pan-Pot, Szenario and Some Other Things

Read my reviews of Pan-O-Rama by Pan-Pot here and Pleaseasy by Szenario here.

And while I've got a bit of time for once, here's some feedback on some other things that have recently come my way.

Title: Another Day EP
Artist: Peter Grummich
Label: Sthmlaudio Recordings
Cat Number: SAEP014-6
Genre: Lush Techno

A1: What's Up Adults!?
B1: Another Day

'What's Up Adults!?' indeed. A deep voyage through the psyche and out the other end. A lush, undulating bass guides you along the River Styx while high-pitched bat squeaks give you the willies. This track has plenty of gravitas.

'Another Day' takes a while to get going properly and seems content to tease with a ploddingly insistent bassline that cries out for more action. There's a lovely analogue warmth throughout the holds your interest to the end and it's deliciously understated landscape

Title: Hum Hum/Roc(k)ambolesque
Artist: Digitaline/Knor
Label: Grubenstrasse Zurich
Cat Number: gs02
Genre: It's All In The Groove

A1: Hum Hum
B1: Roc (k) ambolesque

'Hum Hum' sounds like a robot choir singing individually on cue. A squidgy kick drives the track through sparse surroundings while a robotic baritone chimes intermittently with a higher-pitched complement. Various effects chime in and out, but the track is a bit too long for me. Great mixing tool though.

'Roc(k)ambolesque' is a lovely off-key flamenco tinged bouncer. A robot fart keeps things in the twenty-first century while the guitars are lushly strummed in accompaniment to a chugging beat. There's a dodgy voice coming in and out later on saying stuff like "I want you, now dance," I'm not sure if we need to be told. Great tune!

Title: New Tendencies
Artist: Davor O
Label: Home Made Electronica
Cat Number:
Genre: From The Dark Side

1 Moka Bay
2 Chiq Pearls
3 Ice Baby
4 Betray Me
5 Whales Making Love
6 Moka Bay (Juho Kahilainen Modern Pop Remix)

Six tracks on this ep and it's not for the faint-hearted. I'm reminded in parts of the Pan-Pot album I've just reviewed for RA. Davor sent me links to these tracks after having read my Louderbach review, again on RA, and thought I'd like this stuff, which I do, but it isn't too popular around the dinner table at meal times. My personal picks of the bunch are the awfully titled 'Whales Making Love' which, along with 'Moka Bay' is a little bit more uptempo than the rest of the tracks. This is generally the stuff of nightmares though.

Title: Innocent Robot & Karmic Loops
Artist: Animaltekl
Label: Treibstoff & WIR
Cat Number: TREIBSTOFF73 & WIR010
Genre: Techno For Sure

A1: Innocent Robot
B1: Night Of Tvarok

A1: Karmic Loops
B1: Da Bridge

Solid stuff from Animaltek on two seperate labels. Dancefloor fodder with a liberal sprinkling of all the necessary ingredients. 'Innocent Robot' (Treibstoff) subtly peaks and troughs by slightly adjusting the pitch, there's room for a little bit more though. 'Night of Tvarok' (Treibstoff) strolls purposely but a little too dirgeful for my liking. It gets more interesting when what sounds like a sampled soul vocal comes in and out of the mix. These will work but are quite modest.

'Karmic Loops' (WIR) goes down the same road as the Treibstoff release relying on simplicity and frequency modulation to get its message across. 'Da Bridge' starts off like classic Daft Punk and keeps the grungy feel throughout. It's the pick of the bunch along with 'Innocent Robot.'

I've also received a few bits from Hypercolour, which I like very much. I played the Matt Star remix of their forthcoming release 'Felaz' by Glimpse and Alex Jones on my first FM show. The next one is this Saturday the 20/10 and I've got some good things to play. More on Hypercolour later in the week.

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