Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last Nights Playlist and some Classics

Here's the playlist for last night's show:

Desertification - Matt Chester (11th Hour Recordings)
Squeeks and Kaos (Jamie Jones Pacific remix) - Active Kaos (Immigrant)

PBD - Cobblestone Jazz (Wagon Repair/K7)

Meteor Im Eis (Tadeo remix) - Tom Clarke (Highgrade)
Vacuum - Teenage Bad Girl (Citizen)
Mumbling Yeah - Kabale und Liebe feat. Daniel Sanchez (Remotearea)

Hunted - Martin Buttrich (Cocoon)
What's Up Adults? - Peter Grummich (Sthmlaudio)
Cure (Oil of Mars Vs Samim remix) - Miguel Toro (Moon Harbour)
Every Week - Miss Fitz (Freak n' Chic)
Fixation - Three Channels present Catz n' Dogz (Dirtybird)

Eclipse - Oener Ozer (Vakant)
Sacred Time - DJ3000 (Motech)
Tin Solidier - Red Robbin and Jacob Hilden (Trapez Ltd)
Innocent Robot - Animaltek (Treibstoff)
Arsid - Infant presents Burnski (20/20 Vision)
My Black Sheep (LB Dub Corp remix) - Len Faki (Figure)
Noh Ngamebo - Arto Mwambe (Brontosaurus)

The competition question is, I've got a couple of copies of Gui Boratto's new double mix cd "Addicted Vol 2" (Platipus) to give away. Here's the disgustingly easy question.

What is the name of Gui Boratto's breakthrough single, which featured a remix by Supermayer?

Answers to, or Mark your emails "Boratto Comp" or you can leave a comment in any comment box on this blog from this post to the next playlist post. In all cases, leave full contact details, plus your email address if you leave a comment. Good luck.

Now here are some more succulent temptations.

Paper Moon - 51 Days (Touche)

All time deeper than the Mariana Trench epic from the mid nineties on the classic Touche label. All tracks on this 12 are the business, but it's this one that will go down as an all-time classic. Superb deep tech-house hybrid from the once ubiquitous Dobre and Jamez.

Purple Heart - Tan- Ru (Trelik)

Peter Ford's other label, in addition to Ilfach. Trelik was that little bit more clubbier and a little less experimental than it's sibling. "Purple Heart" was a favourite round these parts for its rolling, popping bassline. The brains behind this track is also responsible for R Rash, whose "Smoking Jakkit" was remixed by Luciano. I'll post the original soon.

Jungle Bill - Yello (Mercury)

From "Baby," an epic pumper in its own right. Remixed by Andy Weatherall. This is the original and its all good. I need to dig out a bit more Yello. Goes down a storm if correctly inserted in a set.

Version 5 - Swag (Junior Boys Own)

Same thing with Swag. Chris Duckenfield and Richard Brown were my favourite producers for a very long period, almost until they stopped making records together. Having said that, they may just be having a hiatus. In any case this was one of their first, and best. It's the one with the sirens.

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