Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Beats

It's my birthday today so, as I wade through my new house, still knee-deep in boxes, I've fished out four more of the best.

Leaving Ground - Joel Mull (Lask)

I first heard this on Terry Francis' Essential Mix back in 1998. Joel Mull put this out on his own label. Sounded good then and still does now. Classic cold-weather techno from the frozen north.

Kungstradgarden - The Persuader (Svek)

More Swedish goodness, this time in the shape of a simple groove from The Persuader, aka Jesper Dahlback. From the 'Stockholm By Night' 12", and it feels like it. Excellent.

House Da Crowd (Movin')

& Back 2 Back - Discocaine (Zoom)

Two peerless releases by one-time London house terrorists Discocaine, made even better as a good mate, Hursty (Sloth), engineered them both. Very dubby, very heavy, both belters. Zoom in Camden was a good shop and holds fond memories for yours truly.


Lord Kook said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the music and the continually awesome blog.

Pollux said...

Thanks for the good wishes
Lord Kook.