Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've got the Bug . . .

No, not the Steve Bug, the posting bug.

Pick Your Poison - Chris Nazuka (Tweekin')

Another lesson in political spoken-word deep house techiness. This was originally released as part of a double 12" on the San Francisco-based label. Still powerful now. Where is Chris these days? Comments welcome.

Soulsaver - The Deacon aka Gerald Mitchell (S.I.D.)

Released in 1997 on "Interstellar Fugitives" (UR) and then purchased by me on the rare as hen's teeth Sold In Detroit from Atlas Records (RIP) in Soho this is vocodered robo-funk at its best. George Clinton and Zapp's bastard offspring.

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bluebelle said...

I loved Atlas, friendly little record shop on Archer St. Sister Ray, a hop and skip away in Brewer St was where I went when I had definate records in mind, cos it was frenetic and difficult to hear anything so I'd go with a shopping list. Tag hidden away in Rupert Ct was okay, but felt it was really for established house DJs, kinda felt I got the blag on whatever new stuff came in. Suppose it taught me not to be a trainspotter. You're only as good as the last good release. My highlight purchases (that I recall) from Atlas included St Germain - Mezzotino, Dopplereffekt - Infophysix, and Underground Resistance - Codebreaker. None of these will be on the 'for sale' list any time soon :)