Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Springfield Gorge and Competition Questions

One of the funniest moments from the best tv show ever.

There were two comps in last Saturday's show. One to win two copies of Alexander Robotnick's "My La(te)st Album" and one to win the same amount of "Boogie Bytes Vol. 3" mixed by Modeselektor. Both come highly recommended so here are the questions.

Robotnick: Which Detroit artist released "Problemz" in 2000 as a homage to Robotnick's Italo classic "Problemes d'Amour"?

Modeselektor: Who was behind the first installment of the "Boogie Bytes" series?

Answers and all relevant contact details can be left as a comment. This comp wil be open until the 4/6. Good luck.

There are some other things I've got to plug as well. The Dissonanze Festival in Rome, which is getting b igger every year and is a nice little warm up for Sonar and something going on in London this weekend.

This is a party that cousin Mathieu (Harpo; God knows why he chose the same name as one of the Marx Brothers) is doing with Digs (DIY) and Dan Foat (Phonica). It's a freebie and I'd be there myself if I wasn't in France at his auntie's.

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Anonymous said...

i've never been to an electronic festival, sonar sounds cool, hope to see it and/or demf before i get too old! i'm really hoping to make this year's 'todaysart' @ the hague. holland is so close, there seems little excuse even for a festival virgin like me, should be enough time to organise some accommodation. how do you go about getting somewhere to stay for sonar?


on myspace bulletins i noticed a forthcoming re-release of a very hard to find record by sonarbase (apparently only a handful of copies were released in 1997, picked up by the likes of andrew weatherall). for anyone who likes the electrofunk sound then this will be a must have :)