Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Few More Reviews

It's about that time again to say a few words on some of the stuff I've been listening to lately, and there's been a lot to take in, so here we go.

Es Kubells
The Rejekts
Rejekt Music

"Es Kubells" is an unremarkable track that in it's original version relies on a few wonky sounds to underpin a monotonous, plodding beat. Sounds like I'm being unkind, but this works particularly well in the mix, I've just bended it with Mathias Tanzmann's "Procon" (Moon Harbour), and it sounded great. It just doesn't do much on it's own. I prefer "Rejektion" and the Argy remix of the title track. BTW am I alone in thinking that the Jerome Sydenham remix of "1985" by Argy (Liebe Detail) is overrated?

My Favourite Kind of Irrelevance
Hydrogen Dukebox

Really good stuff provides refuge from the increasing bollocks of everyday life. I can pay this record no higher tribute. I won't waste any words on it. Oh, wait a minute, I will. Abstract ambience from the heart, Lee Anthony Norris, aka Metamatics has produced a lush collection of mature, evocative soundscapes to accompany the whole range of human emotions.

Rush Hour Presents Beat Dimensions Vol
Compiled By Cinnamon & Jay Scarlett
Rush Hour Recordings

Not normally what I'd pay on my show but I got sent it, no doubt due to it's Rush Hour credentials. Aardvarck makes an appearance on here but it's certainly not an indication of what to expect. This is an album of drunken funk, the type where the drums clamber over everything in an attempt to disembowel the proceedings as much as possible. There are a fair few bits amongst the twenty four tracks that function as little more than extended breaks due to their brevity, but everything contributes to provide a compelling soundtrack to a parallel dimension.

Faith Is Fear
Various Artists
Dust Science

Faith Is Fear follows up last years Keep The Faith. Both are compilations that aim to showcase the range that techno has to offer. The tracks range from ambient to dance floor friendly and feature a range of artists both old and new. The Black Dog, Anthony Childs (Surgeon), Regis and Fabrice Lig appear, as well as DNCN, Slit and Mat Carter and Lee Graves. The result is a compilation full of character and variety. My favourite track at the moment is Regis and Female's C/Chaos, which is a trancey groover and is amongst the slew of uptempo tracks which close this collection.

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