Sunday, May 20, 2007

Machines Playlist: 19/5/07 & Chart

Here's the playlist for last night's show. No guests, which was a blessing, as I wasn't feeling myself and after going home and watching the excellent Jimi Hendrix prog on Beeb 2 I went straight to bed. What a lightweight!

Disco d'Oro (DJ Spun mix) – Tussle (Rong)
Lounge Art – Tim Gregor (Fear of Flying)
La Forza del Destino (Radio Slave remix) – Soylent Green (Playhouse)
Beirut Boogie – Sebbo (Liebe Detail)
Troubled Man (Ruede Hagelstein remix) – Tiefschwarz (Souvenir)
No One Left To Follow – Slam (Soma)
Then and Before (Redshape Present mix) – Zander VT (Memo)
Evagelism – Pakt (Clever)
Dies und Das – Solomun (Diynamic)
Joko Tai – Kiki (Bpitch)
Balkan Bridge – DJ300 (Mtech)
Begun the End Has (Matthew Jonson remix) – Joel Mull (Railyard)

Ellen Allien Fabric 34 Radio Mix:

Like A Child (Carl Craig remix) – Junior Boys (White Label)
Falling Up – Theo Parrish (Syncrophone)
Lotus – Future Beat Investigators (Discomedusa) (Sonar Kollektiv)
When It Was Day We Made It Night – Joris Voorn (Green)
Dragon Soup (Lod remix) – Pep Gaya (Klitekture)
Acuphase – Emptyset (Future Days)
Love Can Damage Your Self (Abicah Soul and Dennis Ferrer remix) – Telepopmusic (Objektivity)

I haven't done a chart for ages. Too busy with the here and now I suppose. Anyway, here's a small top ten of stuff I've been getting into recently.

Strangely enough I'm going to start off with mix cds, and a couple of Mixmag freebies.

The Beats of San Fran Disco - Claude Von Stroke
Ibiza '07 - M.A.N.D.Y.

Mixmag is much derided, but when it comes up with freebies of this standard I'm not complaining. Put your prejudices aside and grab 'em. The Vonstroke one is from last month, but a search around your less popular newsagents should turn one up.

Please, Please, Please - Tobias Thomas (Kompakt): Tobias Thomas' third mix on Kompakt. It's a slow burning mood setter, (as opposed to that famous Korean dish, the slow burning red setter). Not one to provide instant gratification and all the better for it.

Le Bal Masque EP - Handycraft (Kick Boxer) : Not exactly new, but worth a mention nonetheless. Fresh tecchie rave sounds for the spring and summer. This one will stick around for a few months yet.

Plastik - Simon Baker (Infant): Again, been around for ages, but not on general release for that long. Mr Baker rolls out an accomplished piece of electro funk that has been picked up by Playhouse for their latest "Famous When Dead" comp.

Oscuro Claro (Tensnake remix) - Paulo Olarte (Fresh Fish): Lovely tropical lush stuff.

Feuervogel (Guido Schneider mix) - Solomun and Stimming (Diynamic): Not feeling the over produced original at all. Guido does what he does best and keeps things groovy and deep. Didn't like "Steppenwolf" by Hosh on the same label either. Sorry John.

Apnea - Marco Carola (Plus 8): Minimal tribal is all the rage, don't you know. Mr Carola rocks the communal living space with electronic wood blocks knocked together in an ethnic, but not at all PC, way.

Begun The End Has (Matthew Jonson remix) - Joel Mull (Railyard): As featured on last night's show. I played this before Ellen Allien's mix, and meant to cut it short, and even though there's not an incredible amount of variety here, MJ manages to sustain the interest level admirably. Typical Matthew Jonson epic.

Miss Gigler (Darko Esser remix) - David Squillace (Luxa Flex): Nice work from the rising star of the Italian underground. This is coupled with Trickes (Boris Ross Freak n' Cut remix) - Adam Craft. A good double header from the land of tulips, clogs and industrial strength weed.

Do It Again (Audion's House Arrest mix) - The Chemical Brothers (Virgin): Not to be released, but seek and ye shall find. Matthew Dear rules the roost at the moment. Arguably the best all-rounder since Beefy serves up a sumptous smorgesboard of trademark screwed-up headfuck house. Makes The Chems palatable anyway.

God, two more to go. Now I remember why I can't be arsed with charts . . . .

U Askin' - Mr G (Rekids): In these turbulent times, it's good to know there's somethings that never change. Was it F. Scott Fitzgerald who said that everyone had one good book in them, and that if an author wrote more than one they were simply variations on a constant theme? I'm dusting off my entire collection of Phoenix G singles (laid end to end they encircle the Earth thrice!) and I'd like to know when "If It Ain't Broke . . ." is coming out.

What Makes You Go For It - Prosumer/Murat Tepeli (Ostgut Ton): Good package on the trailblazing Berghain label, although it's difficult tp put feelings of pretentiousness out of your head when listening to the lyrics.

Bugger the hyperlinks. I'm off to bed.

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