Monday, March 26, 2007

Machines Playlist 24/3/07 & Competition & Other Musings

A good show last night. No guests but after the shenanigans of the night before at The Junction I wasn't really in the mood to interact. I think I spoke a bit too much over and in between tracks, and my voice definitely sounded a bit huskier than usual, but apart from that a highly enjoyable couple of hours. The night before had seen the arrival of “Kill 'Em All Let God Sort It (or is it them?) Out” in Cambridge. I arrived during just before The Righteous Rockers took to the main stage. Before them some band were playing. The first thing that struck me was how the sound had improved since my last visit. Anyway there I was busy lapping up The Righteous Rockers dj set when Harry Sword commented on how shit the sound was, and when I said it was a vast improvement on the last time I'd been, and how I was enjoying the music, that too was derided for being cheesy by Priory resident The Fish.

The upstairs room opened at 11:30 for The Priory and was rammed from the start. I wa up there for the duration making occasional sorties downstairs. At 2 I wandered downstairs for the rest of the night and Erol Alkan was opening his set. First track I caught was “Let's Dance” by David Bowie, causing me to rewind a couple of decades to when The Tube played the video of said track as a “worldwide exclusive. It was a bit of a big deal a it was something of a change of direction/beginning of a new era (the end?) for Bowie. I always preferred his Iggy Pop penned follow up “China Girl” though.

Anyway, here's the playlist for Saturday's show:

Auf Dem Hot (Freaks Funk That Disco 2006 re-do) – Kalabrese (Stattmusik)
Disco Sick – Alexander Robotnik (Hot Elephant Music)
Temptation – GummiHZ (Mobilee)
Stolen From The Jake (Droido remix) – Gary Beck (Fine Art Recordings)
La Fee Verte – Daso (Connaisseur)
Merman – Sian (Karmarouge)
Cuckoo (Motorcity Soul remix) – Brett Johnson (Freerange)
Cult Copy (Dexter's Dikke Cult Copy mix) – Aardvarck (Rush Hour)
Eirtanz – Touane (LAN)
Summer In The Wood – Mudd (Rong Music)
Hybrid – Mauler (Trapez Ltd)
Jewelsweet Grove (Kiki remix) – Jesse Somfay (Audio Invaders)

Ralph Lawson Fabric Radio Mix:

Escape – Paul Woolford aka Bobby Peru (20/20 Vision)
It's So (Will Saul remix) – Content (Simple Records)
Metro Transit – Sebo K (Get Physical)
Let Me Dance – Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)
Title Unknown (Jesse Rose remix) – Soho Dolls (Label Unknown)
Pecan – Microfunk (Remote Area)
Gravity (Peter Dildo remix) – Sasse (Moodmusic)
8 Bit – Mike Shannon (Cynosure)

And the competition question, to win two copies of the excellent new Mudd LP “Claremont 56” (Rong Music) is the stunningly simple

Which city is the home to Rong Music?

Please reply by leaving a comment on this blog and don't forget to leave all contact details. Alternatively, you can reply to or to The competition will be kept open until the 10/4.
And finally, as mentioned before there is to be a party at The Coldham's Lane warehouse complex/industrial estate/fucking impossible place to find your way out of in the middle of the night when you're pissed. I received this email from Mr Tom Hallmark towards the end of last week, and it's so dramatic I just had to reproduce it word for word.

"Yes it true, Flex will happen on July the 14th Hosted
by me Davo and Pickles. Mr C has confirmed (payment
being a mattress), Le Jockey, Alex pickles + Tom
Hallmark back to back, Ian P, not sure if Mark Henning
is booked yet, also trying to get Jane Fitz of peg
down but shes unsure of her commitments.
All the best mate

And before I forget, another reminder that the latest Horseplay Records party at The Box Tree is this coming Saturday 31/3, featuring yours truly, Sam I Am, Dave Kelso, Tom Akam and of course Le Jockey. TTFN.

Oh, and another thing. Reading matter at the moment is the excellent
“Paris The Secret History” by Andrew Hussey. Andrew obviously has a liking for the seedy side of life and wastes no opportunity to include sex, drugs and as many grisly execution details as he can in his wonderful tome. He acknowledges a debt to Peter Ackroyd's “London The Biography” and having read the latter I can say that “Paris . . .” so far stands up well to it. Excellent stuff and just the thing to take the edge off all the miserable twats on my bus every morning.

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