Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Machines Are Funky: 24/3/07

Something I don't normally do is preview my radio show on this blog, normally because I forget, so in an attempt to remedy this, here's a blurb for Saturday's broadcast.

On this week's emission I'll be giving two lucky listeners the chance to win Mudd's new cd on Rong Music “Claremont 56” and featuring a Ralph Lawson Fabric mix. As well as this , you'll be exposed to plenty of wonderful new music, the like of which I can scarcely contemplate.

Check the 209 or show link at the side. The Lawson mix will be the Fabric radio promo one. I wasn't too impressed with the actual release, which wasn't bad but just didn't stand out. I've also recently taken delivery of "Get Lost 2" mixed by Jamie Jones on Crosstown Rebels and "Boogie Biytes 3" by Modeselektor on BPitch. The Jamie Jones is definitely more up my particular strasse, but more on that sometime soon.

Will be checking out Erol Alkan and local heroes The Priory at "Kill 'em All . . . " at The Junction this Friday 23/3, and playing the latest Horseplay Records party at The Box Tree on the 31/3 along with Le Jockey, Sam I Am, Tom Akam and Dave Kelso. I've also just heard that there will be another party at the famed Coldham's Lane warehouse on the 14/7, nearly a year after the last one. DJs on the night will include Le Jockey, Mark Henning and Mr C (apperently becuase he's bought a mattress off the venue owner and decided the best payback was to spin). I'll believe it when I see it, but anyone with more authoratitiive knowledge on this matter is welcome to leave a comment.

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