Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bottom Heavy Jinx

The Bottom Heavy jinx struck again last night. I've now missed the last two due to events beyond my control. I suppose last night was in my control, but when you've just become a father and your partner has the impression (rightly or wrongly) that she's doing everything and you're gallivanting around town without a care in the world, discretion is called for. I hope you had a good birthday Largo. Sorry I couldn't be there. So no photos of Trevor Rockliffe, etc , on the blog today. Still, not to worry. I've got another ancient Mayan carving from the Bruges Museum of Chocolate for you.

Been listening to loads of stuff recently. Very impressed with “Claremont 56” by Mudd aka Paul Murphy on Rong. Opened the show with a track from it last night. Psychedelic disco/soul is how I'd describe it. If I was a wine critic, I'd be saying stuff like “I'm getting The Mamas and The Papas on my palate, with an explosion of The Byrds combined with Arthur Russell . . .” which is nice. I've just reviewed “Fuse Presents Steve Bug” on Music Man for Resident Advisor. If they accept it it'll be linked on the right. If not I'll put the review up here within the next few days. It's very good by the way. Got myself a copy of the new “Get Lost 2” mixed by Jamie Jones on Crosstown Rebels, more on that later, and Fabric have just sent me the new “Fabric Live 33” mixed by Spank Rock. A good few days intensive listening coming up.

It's been a lovely day here inna Babraham. So lovely in fact that I'm going to barbecue half a leg of lamb and make a gratin Dauphinoise to accompany it. Mustn't forget the red wine. How's about a Bordeaux 2005? Still a bit young, but widely regarded as one of the best years in living memory; no such luck. It's a Corbieres from Budgens in Sawston. A few more days like today and little Marcel's crying will be easier to bear.

This week's show was originally going to feature Kittenflux and Subculture stalwart Dave Kelso. He ran into a spot of bother on the day of the show though, so Ed Sexton of Badger Attack bravely stepped into the spotlight at short notice. Thanks again, Ed.

The first part of the show featured a two part interview with Ed.

Speilplatz – Mudd (Rong)
Material World – Comtron (Rush Hour)
Let Me Dance (Sebo K remix) – Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)
Revoltec – Sven Weissmann (Styrax Leaves)
Jazz – Brendan Moeller (Third Ear)
Flower – Fuckpony (Get Physical)
Dig Your Own Rave – Zander VT (Memo)
Berghain – Aril Brikha (Kompakt)
Verde Confeti (Pan Pot remix) – Damian Schwartz (CMYK)
Swoon (Shonky remix) – MIA (Substatic)

Ed's Mix (Badger Attack Fireside Favourites)

Scarlito – Mikael Weill (Karat)
Bash the Bishop – Sweet n' Candy (Dumb Unit)
Am I Bothered Though? - Mark Henning (Found Sound)
Ruby Darling – Mossa (Morris Audio)
Tanz der Polymere (Hemmann & Kaden remix) – Misc (Sender)
Black Worm – Funk d'Void & Phil Kieran (Soma)
Positive Education (Richie Hawtin's Stripped mix) – Slam (Soma)
Strip Down – Glimpse (Glimpse)
Two Bags of Grass – Loway (Dorigen Music)

Thanks also to Axel for being the Duty Manager at the studio for my show.

It's now about four hours later and I've just had dinner. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the gratin, despite having a bit too much liquid, was also very good. I'm sitting in front of the tv with
Marcel, who is starting to make gurgling noises, watching some football. I was playing the Jamie Jones mix cd and came downstairs a couple of tracks from the end, sounded good. Easy to hear/see why certain people in the know have compared him to Terry Francis. The Spank Rock cd is yer typical mash up. Well executed but not really my cup of tea. Some more detailed feedback to follow. Have a good week.

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