Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturday's show was the last of the year and was started off by the track everybody's been caning, the Audion remix of Hot Chip's "No Such Thing." Like "Mouth to Mouth" it's not particularly quick off the mark and seems to plod it's way towards relative inconclusion and it could go on forever if given half a chance, but Matthew Dear does seem to be rewriting the sonic rule book through the inclusion of some quite mind-bending sounds in his recent work that seem to contract, constrict, expand and explode in complete harmony with an implicit discord. What the fuck am I on about? I know so make up your own minds. They do what it says on the tin though, and intellectualizing this stuff makes you sound like you've got a one-way ticket up your own arse, so listen up and get dancing.

Swanned along to the Box Tree straight after the show for Jonny Davies' Horseplay Records party and met a few heads. Robin, Justin and Ed from Baadger Attack were there, as well as Mark Henning, who gave me some advance promos of stuff to be released in the New Year, so expect one of those tracks on the first show of next year. Dave Kelso, who's had tracks played on my last couple of broadcasts, finally picked up his copy of "Fear and Lothian" by The Wee DJs, which he won at least six months ago, and also played an interesting set that veered from house in the shape of Natural Rhythm, to techno in the shape of Alexi Delano on Plus 8. Middle-age is coming to meet me with a scythe and knobbly knees, so I left at a very early hour. I'll be back causing mayhem next Saturday though, at The Geldart. Oh, and Jonny hopes that Horseplay will find a monthly home at the Box Tree. The next night there will be on January 6th 'o7, hopefully with yours truly manning the decks.

2Fiveonine - Octogen (Soma) is shimmering machine funk of the highest quality. It all seemed to make perfect sense when we were driving back from Calais last weekend and the post-industrial landscape of lamps on prehensile stalks stretched out as far as the eye could see above the platforms were the cross-channel shuttle was waiting for us to board. I've also taken delivery of Fabric 32 - Luke Slater (Fabric) which is better than I thought it would be. I didn't think it was going to be bad, rather the inclusion of a few of the last year's stalwarts (Full Clip, A Bit Patchy, Here, Mouth to Mouth) might have made it a bit predictable. Luke Slater hasn't been around this long and kept his street cred under wraps for nothing though, and it's an honest mix, in the same way as Dirk Kuyt is an honest centre forward, and Alan Curbishly's West Ham can be expected to play "honestly." In other words, it's all good.

As I write, Alan Curbishly's West Ham are leading the Mancs 1-0. Honestly . . .

Playlist for Machines Are Funky: 16/12/06

Listen to the archive here.

No Such Thing (Audion remix) - Hot Chip (EMI)
Intercity (3 Channels remix) - Johnny Wagner (Trenton)
Baboul Hair Cutting (Gui Boratto mix) - Agoria (Different)
Panic - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)
Soulsearcher (Passerani's Soulmix) - Octogen (Soma)
Snip Acid VIP - Oslek (CDR)
Asteroids - Dan Berkson & James What (Poker Flat)
Propain - My My (Playhouse)
Funkyhotpancakes - Leftside (CDR)
4304 - For Disco Only (For Disco Only)
Blue Buffalo - Phage & Daniel Dreir (Highgrade)
Just Wanna Get Down (Guido Schneider remix) - Audio Werner (Trapez Ltd)
Jingover - The Mole (Wagon Repair)
Separation - Gaiser (Minus)
Immediatism - Free Agent (CDR)
Rancho Relaxo (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky remix) - Anja Schneider (Mobilee)
Welcome to Zion (Sebo K & Metro remix) - King Roc (Simple)
Trust Me (Cowboy mix) - Kiki (BPitch)

And I almost forgot. Saturday's show featured a competiton to win Sven vath's latest Cocoon competition "The Sound of the Seventh Season." To win one of two comments leave a comment on this blog with full contact details and the correct answer to this question: Which other famous dj was Sven Vath filmed canoodling with recently?

The comp is open until my next show in the New Year. All the best.


Anonymous said...

salut paul,

canoodling , je ne sais pas ce que cela veut dire, mais je pense que c'est richie hawtin.

I see you


Anonymous said...

its got to be Richie Hawtin.
you out on Thursday for the xmas bash?