Monday, December 11, 2006

The chart is only ever an indication of what I am playing at the time of writing, not necessarily of new releases:

Panic - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)
Trust Me (Cowboy mix) - Kiki (BPitch)
Intercity (3 Channels mix) - Johnny Wagner (Trenton)
Compilation 5, Bets & Bluffs - Various Artists (Poker Flat)
Tuning 4 (Boxer)
Harissa - Locodice (Cadenza)
5.1 - Moritz von Pein (Kahlwild)
Midnight Magic LP - Skatebard (Digitalo)
Back to Back Compilation - Various Artists (Mobilee)
Bought and Sold - AM/PM (Dreck)

They've been out for a while on import, but are just getting a proper release here:

Interstellar Fugigtives 2 The Destruction of Order - Underground Resistance
Galaxy to Galaxy. A Hi-Tech Jazz Compilation - Galaxy to Galaxy/Underground Resistance (Uncivilized World/Submerge)

While I was writing the above, news came through from Santiago of Pinochet's demise. Let's hope that old crab Thatcher's next eh?

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