Monday, January 08, 2007

A Nice Beginning

Back in Cambridge after having been on holiday, first in Bruges and then back up home in Wallasey at me Mum's. It was good to get back in the swing of things and bring the New Year in belatedly with a short set at The Box Tree. Dave Kelso started proceedings, followed by yours truly, Tom Akam doing a live set, a bit of Le Jockey with The Priory's Sam rounding off the proceedings. I left about twenty minutes before the end with a splitting headache, but managed to record a good three hours; all of my set plus Tom Akam's, with Dave Kelso's last half hour and Sam's first. Le Jockey's mini set also got immortalised. I enjoyed it, but didn't choose the right records for the occasion and had the impression that I really banged it, the Dominik Eukberg mix of Shane Berry's "Fillertet . . ." (Trapez Ltd) really stretching some cerebellums, along with the by now ubiquitous Audion remix of Hot Chip's "No Such Thing." Apart from anything else though, I perfectly timed my escape to the strains of 'Have you got anything like "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit . . ."' from someone I'd been observing out of the corner of my eye for some time and whom I'd marked down as a possible voice of dissent. In truth though, I didn't play that well, but check out the sets anyway. They'll be up asap (don't hold your breath).

Oh, and don't take the piss as far as my photography skills are concerned. Feel free to laugh at the freaks in the photos though.

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