Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 2017 Mix

An hour last night spent in hermetically sealed surroundings. I have to play at a relatively low volume, so I am never sure if it's worked until I listen back. Here's a track list.

Split Infinity – Holovr (Likemind)
Breaking Down – Erik van den Broeck (De:tuned)
Sensory Process –ERP (Semantica)
Hydrax – Reptant (Tomahawk)
Dub Safari – Cold (Thule)
Moments In Limbo – Aroma Pitch (Present From A Small Distant World)
Lost In Time – Voyant Inc (Aspect Records)
Kungstardgarden – The Persuader (SVEK)
Fear of Death – Andre Leira (Carpets & Snares)
Eniac – Octave One (430 West)
Hyptrotonic – Frazer Campbell & Steve O’Sullivan (Mosaic)
Flux Function – Reedale Rise (Hizou Music)
Experience Experiments – Derek Carr (Where We met)
The Way – Ka One & St. Sene (Normandy Records)
Move – Detrimental (CPU)

A17 – SW/SVN (Sued)

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