Saturday, September 23, 2017

Artificial - Bendikt Frey (ESP Institiute)

Title: Artificial
Artist: Benedikt Frey
Label: ESP Institute
Cat Number: ESP048
Genre: Introspcective

H For Hysteria
Road Of Jazz
Running Away
Dissolved Girl
Private Crimes
Hang Loose
Pol 326

It feels very apt that Benedikt Frey’s debut album has appeared on Loveringers’ ESP Institute. The holistic throb and ambience feel at one with the subconscious landscape that the label occupies from time to time. An etheric, hallucinogenic collection which modulates according to the listener’s abstract eye, the album chugs through a drone montage, entering intermittent states of trance induction, never overstating itself and, as a consequence, occasionally managing to sound both primitive and progressive. A controlled sonic stream of consciousness which flits beneath the eyelids and recalls dusty interior monologues.

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