Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 2017 Mix

It's my last day off, so a hastily arranged mix, even though I've been intending to do it today for a while. Like an orderly French queue which chaotically evaporates at the first sight of its bus, my best laid plans often come to nothing and spontaneity sets in. Not a bad thing in itself, but I must be more strategic from now on.

Here's what's on it: 

B1 – SW (Sued 015)
People Fix (Huerco S Remix 1) – Olin (Giegling)
A – Cottam 6 (Cottam)
Lost Of Light – Powder (ESP Institute)
Astrolook – Danny Dorado (Adult Contemporary)
Moments In Limbo – Present From A Small Distant World (Aroma Pitch)
In My Head – Gemini (Classic)
Scepsis – Versalife (Trust)
Infinition – Quadrant (Planet E)
Cassandra (Fred P Remix) – Donato Dozzy (Claque Musique)
Rider – 100hz (Modugoove)
Dead Soul (Joey Anderson Remix) – Hunter/Game (Just This)
Nebula – Autre & Xinner (Metrolux)
Femweh – Artefakt (Delsin)
Pulse – JS Zeiter (MCMLXV)
Bassoon – Mark Ambrose (Mosaic)
Gen – Carrying Ghosts (Feel Raw)
Call – Lynx (Bau)
Skyfall (Deniro Aude Mix) – Tracey (Voyage Direct)
Regain Your Soul – Dwayne Jensen (Is Was)
Dystopia – Inge Mauer (Shtum)
0938342-2/26 – Istar (Zeinkali)
Yours – Baaz (Office)
Rotunde – Aera (Hivern Discs)
Bringing Slide Back – Seldom Seen (Frustrated Funk)

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