Friday, April 14, 2017

A Tape - Helena Hauff (Dark Entries)

Title: A Tape
Artist: Helena Hauff
Label: Dark Entries
Cat Number: DE-149
Genre: Techno/Noise/Abstract

A1: C45p
A2: Hdowed
A3: For I Am Dead
B1: Pps
B2: Tape?
B3: Split Scission
C1: Ff297-3
C2: Btdr1123
C3: I#+ #1
D1: $§"$43
D2: 29acid3
D3: Yyh

Released two years ago on cassette, ‘A Tape’ gets its first outing on vinyl courtesy of Dark Entries. Some tracks stand out, others melt into the background; what unites them however, is a raw, abrasive, primal subtlety which exposes Hauff’s modus operandi in all its splendor. Known more as a DJ than producer, probably because it’s more fun, Hauff created a sound palette with ‘A Tape’, something from which to reference individual sonic inclination as much as stimulation. And, although the blend of the ambient/dissonant with the rhythmic is hardly ground breaking, it feels natural and uncontrived.

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