Sunday, April 24, 2016

Discogs Diary: 5

This is a condensed version, as I burnt the midnight oil on Friday, and then got a little bit more under my belt today. There are a few valuable bits here too, well to geeks like me, anyway. The EXOS release is going for over a ton, as is the Herbert. The Brooks is a few bob and, needless to say, so is the Gemini. This afternoon was largely spent in the realm of stateside tribal house. Labels like Tango, Red Melon, Moody and Siesta. There is the occasional sought-after gem: DJ Buck's 'Make It Hot' being the jewel in Siesta's crown, and 'I'm Feeling Moody' by Wolf & Flow' doing it for Moody but, by and large, these labels are seen as largely disposable, generic fare. Seldom going for over £1 each. Not that I'm looking to sell them anyway; I've got plenty more to shift before their turn comes.

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