Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Discogs Diary: 4

A quick bit of filing last night and, as usual, a few gems turned up. Interesting to see that the Morgan Geist EP 'Super', from which '24K' comes, was rereleased today. This has obviously brought the easing price down a bit. (I'm sure it was at least £15 last night). Dance Reaction's 'Disco Train' isn't in as much demand, but coming in at a fiver, looks likely to become more covetable sooner rather than later. The big money though, goes on two of the last releases I came across: 'Lively' by DKMA, aka the sadly departed Dana Kelley, is retaining for around £30!, while the 'Untitled' release on the Idjut Boys Noid featuring Harvey is currently a massive £47.39! Bonkers, innit?

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