Friday, January 01, 2016

Caja Negra EP - Jasss (Anunnaki Cartel)

Title: Caja Negra EP
Artist: Jasss
Label: Anunnaki Cartel
Cat Number: AC008
Genre: Deep House

A1: In Fact It’s Impossible
A2: Backed Up With Facts
B1: Lift
B2: Restorative Inversion

Jasss is a new name to me, but I doubt he’ll remain in the shadows for too long if this EP is anything to go by. What we have here are four taut sonic bangers, the type that would enhance any dark room with a corner strobe throwing out light grenades. The two tracks on the A side are cut from more delicate cloth from those on the B, where things get a bit more chaotic and heavy. All four have an appealing rawness about them though, making interesting use of the 303. Indeed, the acid squelch has rarely sounded so intriguing, backed as it is throughout with echo, handclaps and varying degrees of bass. I’m more of a fan of the lighter pair myself, but that could easily change depending on the context. Great stuff!

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