Sunday, January 03, 2016

Expressing Dark Matter EP -Fred P (Rex Club Music)

Title: Expressing Dark Matter EP
Artist: Fred P
Label: Rex Club Music
Cat Number: RCM002
Genre: Deep House

01: Wave Patterns
02: Continuous Sensations
03: Unbroken Circle

Fred P continues to do what he does best on this EP. ‘Wave Patterns’ is a ten-and-a-half minute minimal, percussive, cosmic soundscape which could easily prove to be the foundation track for all deep, driving, thinking people’s stellar sets from now on. ‘Continuous Sensations’ involves flanged percussion enveloped by filigrees of fragility, while ‘Unbroken Circle’ is a low-end tracky composition which sounds like an arctic wind. All in all, three very useful deep DJ tools from Mr P, which will take likeminded music to another level.

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