Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joey Anderson In The Mix

One of the producers/DJs turning my head at the moment is New York's Joey Anderson. Part of a group of loosely-associated, like-minded individuals from the west coast, including the likes of Jus' Ed, DJ Qu, Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole, Anderson has caught my attention over the last year or so becuase of the mysticism with which he imbues much of his output. I came across this mix and accompanying interview yesterday, due to radio partner-in-crime, harry Sword, posting a link to it on Facebook. It's from last August which, amongst other things, reminds me of when I was on holiday, which can't be bad.

Here's another set of Joey's, from last month on Mixcloud, and this one comes from last October, and is from the Trace A Line blog. I may have already posted a link to this one "back in da day".

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