Sunday, January 20, 2013

Andy Weatherall Interview

When "Machines Are Funky" was in its heyday, I was quite the social gadfly. Overseeing nascent artistic projects here, while being an accomplished raconteur there. While on one of my many engagements involving Cambridge's burgeoning electronic music social scene, I managed to grab an interview with Andy Wevvers. He played The Priory on Maundy Thursday 2008 and just before he took to the decks I had a little chat with him. This was broadcast as part of my show on the 5/4/08, but I didn't publicise it very well on the blog, preferring to adopt a low-key approach at the time, with an inconspicuous link. So, for what it's now worth, here it is again, and here's a link to a previous post which reviewed said gig.

Wevvers Interview: 20/3/08 by Cacophonousbling on Mixcloud

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