Monday, November 12, 2012

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion

As may or may not be known, I started this blog as a direct consequence of having a radio show called "Machines Are Funky". This started on 209 Radio in Cambridge in September 2004 and ran for approximately five and a half years, coming to a natural end of sorts when the station collapsed under the heavy weight of financial difficulties in February 2010. By this time I'd moved further away from Cambridge than I already was, life and family had taken over and I became submerged under the trio of devil's dumplings known as: family, responsibility and middle age. Anyway, a meeting with fellow broadcaster and writer Monsewer Harry Sword in the summer offered me a way back in. Harry has had a show on 209's successor, Cambridge 105 for some time now which continues the good work done by his earlier one -  a contemporary of "Machine Are Funky" - "Drums Wide Open", which was a drum and bass extravaganza. His present show is  more like mine was, but maybe a little less club - orientated.

In any case, he broadcasts twice a month, but wants to go down to once, so he asked me if I'd like to fill in. I jumped at the chance, did a trial run for the station and was accepted. The show is to be launched/relaunched this Saturday and will be called "Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion." There is a Facebook group set up already, and all other social networks are planned to gradually fall into place asap. After this Saturday's joint broadcast, we will alternate, for the next month or so at least, with Harry doing the show after, and myself the broadcast before Christmas.

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion, this Saturday on Cambridge 105, on local FM and globally online, 9-11pm GMT.

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