Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 17/11/12

Playlist For Last Night's Show:

Passed Over Trail - Raime (Blackest Ever Black)
The Last Foundry - Raime (Blackest Ever Black)
Pharmacy - Tuff Sherm (The Trilogy Tapes)
Actress Meets Shangaan  A - Actress (Honets Jon's)
I Program My Computer Right - Population One (Harbour City Sorrow)
High Dream - Joey Anderson (Deconstruct)
Train Ride To Offenbach - Jus' Ed (Underground Quality)
A Walk Down Linwood - Big Strick (FXHE)
Dissolve - Crystal Maze (Bio Rhythm)
You're Driving Me - Rachael (Idle Hands)
On A Journey - Simoncino (LIES)
One Self - John Heckle (Mathematics)
Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere Mix) - Jason Fine (Kontra Music)
Nihinl Novi (Factory Floor FFGG Remix) - Forward Strategy Group)
L.A.D. - Roger 23 (Neurhythmics Recordings)
Belfry Tower - Braiden (Rush Hour)
BIT-Space - (Legowelt Remix) - Morpology (Zyntax Motorcity)
Collider (HG Remix) - Skirt (Frozen Border)
Metropolitan View - Obsolete Music Technology (Dolly)
22ml - Bleaching Agent (Mira)
Sealion Woman - Marquis Hawkes (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)

So, after a two-and-a-half year hiatus, I finally hit the local airwaves again last night thanks to the benevolence of Harry Sword. We jointly presented the first instalment of 'Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion' and a lot of fun it was too, but not without a few initial problems. We were on immediately after another new show 'FourFour' and the presenter was using his laptop with Ableton Live and a controller. This meant that the turntables weren't being used which can always pose problems as, such is the lack of turntable use in preference to laptops and CDJs, they often tend to be unfairly negl;ected in the studio. We went all vinyl last night, except for the two Raime tracks at the beginning. Harry had bought 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line' earlier in the week and having one CD proved to be a lifesaver. We thought we'd get away with one track at the beginning while we cued up our first piece of vinyl but we needed two as we realised that the turntables had been wired the wrong way around. A simple problem to solve I'm sure you agree, but with such a small amount of time to do it in a little bit of stress played its part and the first ten minutes or so suffered because of it. Anyway, once we got properly under way with the Tuff Sherm release we started to relax and things seemed to go quite smoothly. Now we're back in the groove, everything should go a lot smoother from the next show, which will be broadcast on the 1/12/12 and be hosted by Harry.

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