Friday, July 27, 2012

DJ Mixes Revisited Nite Life 09 - Nu - York Nite Life Mixed By Joeski & Onionz

If I ever needed a good reason for penning a random article about a mix that I really used to hammer the fuck out of back in da day, it's the memory of a holiday about ten years ago when this mix was on heavy rotation and its latin-house tinged beats accompanied my aperitifs and subsequent descents into beer and wine-sodden slumber. Joeski and Onionz were, along with Hipp-E and Halo, at the vanguard of the turn of the century tribal house sound, the principal difference being their respective geographical positions and, as a result, influences. Joeski goes out on a limb more than Onionz whose contribution is a little more obviously a product of his environment. There are great contributions from Joey Negro, Terry Francis, Mr G, Wally Callerio  and Aztech Sol amongst others. Even more than the Hipp-E and Halo Fabric mix, as well as their Nite:Life 02 which, like this one, was a double CD but, unlike this one, didn't separate the two DJs in question, Onionz and Joeski throb their way across around two and a half hours of claustrophobic, tribal house which never has anything else but the feet and the floor in full focus. Electronic, yes, and spiritually uplifting too.

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