Sunday, July 08, 2012

DJ Mixes Revisited Fabric 07 Mixed By Hipp-E & Halo

One of my favourites of Fabric's illustrious series because it captured a moment. Nothing surprising in that as that's basically the reason why I'm writing this informal series, the style itself though was at its zenith. West coast tribal house was peaking and, even though this selection isn't really in all that debt geographically, it's inspired by southern California and San Francisco. Funny thing is though, it's just as much inspired by Croydon and south London.

Wiggle was where I was introduced to such sounds and if there's one thing this mix does effortlessly it's smooth house atmospherics. Depth with a kick. The track list doesn't really look that amazing but it's much more than the sum of it's parts. One record I was moved to buy the moment I heard it was the opening track by Inverse Cinematics. Never heard of them before or since but 'Slow Swing' is a corker, and the perfect opener. A Swag double ushers us further in until we get to the wonderful 'I'm Satisfied' by Northern Ireland's Scoper & Bubba. Without wanting to go through every individual track, it's a gentle, bass-propelled hallucinogenic journey redolent with synth washes and silence on steroids. Ernest St Laurent's brilliant 'Body Flowers (Fluid System Mix)' closes proceedings, making this, at the very least, one of the most well bookended mixes I've ever heard. Is it better than they double magnum opus 'Nightlife 02' as H-Foundation for NRK though? Answers on a postcard please.

Track listing

  1. Inverse Cinematics - Slow Swing - Pulver Records
  2. Nile - 3 In Tha Mornin' (Swag's Version Dub) - Independiente
  3. Swag - Metroride (Ken & Sam's Racketride) - Version Music
  4. Scoper & Bubba - I'm Satisfied - Classic Recordings
  5. Natural Rhythm - Freakinought - Doubledown Recordings
  6. Hanna - Time (Doza's Lawn Chair Generals Mix) - Viva Record Co
  7. Seafoam - Mumbo Jumbo (Kitchen Dwellers) - Guidance Recordings
  8. Guided Method - Rugburns (Original mix) - Compu_sol
  9. Simon et Bolivard - And I Know - Tropism
  10. Solaris Heights - Midnight (Dub mix) - Airtight Recordings
  11. Don't Bogart - Long deep decay - Spacecraft Productions
  12. UBQ Project - When I fell in love (Charles Webster Dub mix) - Music Plant
  13. Halo - Lakeshore Dr - Bluem Recordings
  14. Ernest Saint Laurent - Body Flowers (Fluid System Mix) - BMG

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