Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Chart

Adrenalin - Scuba (Hotflush)

Eternal Radiation EP - V/A (Atmospheric Existence)

The TEAC Life - Legowelt Free album from Legowelt's website. Download here.

Kissing Booth Criminal EP - Alicia Hush (Siteholder)

Monad Xl - Aoki Takamasa (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

One More EP - Pezzner (RebelLION)

Playdo - Matthew Burton & Nick Lawson (Leftroom)

In Dust - Roll The Dice (The Leaf Label)

Satin Panthers - Hudson Mohawke (Warp)

A Million Horses - Agnes Presents Cavalier (Drumpoet Community)

Welcome to a very hastily assembled August chart. I've been away for almost the whole month and have been culturally isolated for the whole time, my sole connections with anything resembling sanity being occasioanl forays into the world of gastronomy. I haven't had time to listen to much since I've been back, but have tried, and of course I had some of these releases before I went. Expect a more thorough chart next month.

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