Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Podcast Explosion

Here's a few I forgot, and they're all podcasts. A lot has been made on certain blogs about the over-availability of podcasts. Well it's all about supply and demand innit? It's stating the absolute bleeding obvious to say that there are loads of shit ones. By the same token there are also loads of good ones. The previous post listed some of those that have appeared recently. Here are a few I forgot.

Responsible for arguably the podcast I listened to most during the latter third of 2010, 2011 finds Lee Foss once again on cracking form. This is a podcast he produced for Newcastle night Jaunt, to coincide with a night he played there in December. It's as good as the Ibiza Voice one that saw the light of day in August, which is saying something. (The inclusion of Dopplereffekt's 'Sterilisation' being a particular high moment). Foss was also responsible for the first of the Hot Natured series of podcasts, a series that is whetting the appetite as I type. You can find that one here.

Here's a link to an interview I did with Lee just over a year ago.

Responsible for, in my humble opinion, the pick of the Promo Mix series so far with his New Beat inspired set, Peter Van Hoesen comes correct once more with this contribution to the excellent, but sadly not that common anymore, (due, no doubt, to the artists in question not wanting to have their mixes released for clandestine or contractual obligations), Bunker NYC series. This is another lengthy session and once more shows PVH in New Beat guise. It's a treat so get on it.

Last, but by no means least, is Tevo Howard and his contribution to the Clubberia series. Howard shows a clean pair of heels to most house pretenders with a wide and varied selection that has more mood swings than an Italian schizophrenic. He was also behind one of my favourite mixes from last year, this effort from the Roof FM series. If you missed it, grabbit now.

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