Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Honours

Nearly back into the swing of things, so here are a few links to some mixes I've been enjoying over the past few days. The first two featured as RA's "mix of the day" on their feed. Here's one by Italian neo, trance primitive Dino Sabatini. It is actually one of the Prologue podcast series and is a good introduction to the sound that the label has been peddling for the past year or two. It shows how interesting dub techno has the potential to be if it's given are pair of balls and a little bit of energy. I think Samuel Beckett described the protagonists of one of his books as permanently "wading waist-deep through an ocean of mud." That, for me at least, is an image that I associate with the worse of dub techno.

The second is this, (unavailable to download unless you know the capabilities of this site), from Maya Jane Coles. Don't let the fact that it's a Defective podcast put you off. It's a very nice, deep ride from the lady who recently brought us the 'Hummingbird EP' on Hypercolour, and sundry other joints on the Dogmatik label. Very nice indeed.

I came across this Rinse FM podcast the other day, which is a back-to-back session involving Kyle Hall and Floating Points. It's a storming, spontaneous meeting of minds. Rinse FM, if you didn't already know, really is the underground music success story of the British airwaves in recent times. Concentrating mainly on dubstep, UK funky, garage, etc, its site is a mine of must-have sets. Podcasts are churned out on an industrial level and there are plenty to explore. It's the sound of legit UK pirate radio.

Eric Cloutier has been hovering just above the horizon marked "really good DJ that would be better kept secret because going global might spoil him" for quite some time now. A couple of podcasts for Russia's Mixmag.Info recently, as well as a great contribution to the Promo Mix series, in the form of a homage to Berlin's Globus have kept him nicely in the picture during the last few months. Here's his most recent contribution to keeping the podcast flame alive, for Musik Aus Strom, former episodes including contributions from Forward Straegy Group's Patrick Walker and Smear (who is, in fact, Patrick Walker).

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