Monday, October 11, 2010

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The Parallel Remixed By Solab, DJ Mourad & Nachklanmusik (Nice & Nasty)

Very refined stuff. Liking all contributions here. The Parallel is a very talented chappie indeed and, although this is a remix package, it shouldn't in any way detract from who put the tunes there in the first place. Very promising stuff.

McLovin You - Manik (Cuprit)

Delicate and understated but with backbone. Small details do the trick throughout this EP. There's a darkside to all this but that diesn't prevent the sun shining through.

Iberic Tantra - Groovik (Freaky Vibes)

Evocative and atmospheric, the type of track that has hedonism and Ibiza embossed on it. A little bit cliched also, but not bad. Good to see filter disco's coming back.

This Is The Place - Justin Harris (Pack Up & Dance)

Impressively energetic. A spaced-out gallop in its original form. The 'Mug Dub' compresses things and the original loses a lot of what makes it so appealing. More remixes than you can shake a stick at, but nothing beats the original, although Manuel Perez does make a good effort, as does Iroko.

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