Saturday, October 02, 2010

Autumnal Musing

Wet Shoes EP - Rudolf (Mean)

Understated but powerful. At its best when maintaining momentum. So 'Wet Shoes' & 'Con Brava' for me.

Windspiel - Alec Troniq (Broque)

Some very competent stuff here, although it's a bit hit and miss for me personally.

From Berlin To Buenos Aires - VA (Rootnox)

Compilation on Paul Brtschhitsch's label, in which the label owner plays a significant role. Very well-produced but really difficult to find a favourite as everything on it seems to tread that fine line between funk and filth so effortlessly.

Mercury's Influence - Obtane (Solid Groove)

Mill's hand is clearly visible on 'Gemini', while 'Virgo' is more of a nod to the unhygienic Berghain sound. Both killer cuts.

Red Rudy EP - Pan/Tone (Beachcoma)

Very good, restrained mood-setters.

El Salon De Los Espejos EP - Leonel Castillo (Airdrop)

Compressed funk that has character. Very talented.

Kalachakra EP - Lucy (Prologue)

Solid, if slightly predictable from Prologue. Having said that, it's sound has always represented the best of what dub techno crossed with prehistoric ambience has to offer. Evocative and understated. Originals and remixes all hit the spot.

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