Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Off The Cuff Words Of Wisdom

It Doesn't Matter - No Regular Play (Wolf & Lamb)

Supremely laid-back stuff with a slightly unsettling synthetic edge. 'Slide Away' sounds, in parts, like a 21st century updating of classic big city jazz. The bittersweet ambience of 'Slide Away (Zev's Endless Summer mix)' contrasts with the slightly out-of-body feel of what goes before but still retains that classic jazz vibe.

Dazin' - Morning Factory (20/20 Vision)

At last something on 20/20 worth talking about. A once great label that has consistently underperformed for the last few years finally releases something worth playing. Maybe that's a bit harsh but the label has been going through the motions for far too long. Anyway, 'Dazin'' is a great bit of house that glistens and the whole package while being very well-produced also has an essentially raw feel. Good stuff.

No Fit State Sampler - VA (Murmur)

Good EP with a vaguely Tribal (Label, not genre) feel. 'Rework' (both versions) and 'Slip, Slop, Slap' share a siimilar production style, while 'Slow Loris' is one for the graveyard shift. Very functional, but well turned-out stuff.

It's Time - Subb-an & Adam Shelton (One)

Good, bass-heavy package that fairly throbs. Original and remixes all hit the spot. Going for the narcotic feel of the DOTB remix right now, but all good. Is that a Jungle Brothers sample I wonder?

Summertime Remixes - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)

Despite its obvious appeal I was never really a fan of the original. Rob Mello well and truly sorts things out though with an infectiously funky take. The 'Jones & James Dub' is a jerky, stripped down monster. SIS remix is subaquatic.

Malibu - Burnski & Robert James (Hot Creations)

'Malibu' is excellent. Possibly the best on this label yet, which is saying something. Simple building track but everything happens at just the right time. 'Perception' ok but lacks the former's sense of drama. The'Jamie Jones Music Night Mix' turns the original into a low-slung funker and loses what makes the original so good, but it's also a very passable effort in it's own right.

Siula Grande - Bonar Bradberry (Needwant)

Good all round, but liking Burnski's 'Time To Go Dub' of 'For All Time.' Good spacey tool. Both originals offer a nice slant on downtempo sounds. P Herbert's interpretation of 'Siula Grande' not that far removed from the original, unlike Burnski's.

Hollywood Revisited - Inxec & Tolfrey (Culprit)

Quite bland really, even the Lee Curtiss mix, which is far too understated. Pity.
Love You Gotta Lose Again - Nicholas Jaar (Double Standard)

Original, melancholic and moving. Unlike anything else in its context.

La Paraiso De Las Tortugas - Ernesto Ferreyra (Cadenza)

Interesting sound. Some very good pieces on here. An album that has a little bit of everything and still manages to maintain a constant groove throughout. Deep, funky and refined.

Subjective Experiences EP - Deymare (Homemade)

'Can't Funk This Feeling' is interesting. Simultaneously downbeat and grooving. Recalls lo-fi experimentation of some of Moodymann's work. All good here. Prominsing stuff from a promising label.

Bio-Mechanical EP - DIJJ (ASRX)
I like this very much. Otherworldly techno from an insect race. The Mechanism Edit By Miniroom is particularly good. Scarey stuff that you have to hear messed up.

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