Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings . . .

. . . as the great Charles Aznavour once sung. I seem to be doing little more than listening to, and feeding back on "stuff" at the moment and, although I'm grateful for everything that comes my way, it's stopping me doing anything else.

Title: African Drug
Artist: Bob Holroyd
Label: Phonica
Cat Number:
Genre: House

01: African Drug (Four Tet remix)
02: African Drug (T. Williams mix)
03: African Drug (original mix)
04: African Drug (T.Williams mix 2)

The Four Tet remix is a tour de force of clashing rhythms and African ambience. The original I remember well; it reminds me of Harvey's 'Crowd Control mix' for Extended Family's 'Ulysses' on downers. Thick percussion underpins everything on here, but isn't quite as omnipresent on the 'T.Williams mix1' whose Detroitish stylings I like.

Here's a link to a free download of 'T.Williams Mix 2.'

Title: Drei
Artist: Manu Harmailapi
Label: Elektronik Milieu
Cat Number: EMH001
Genre: Techno

01: Something's Gonna Happen
02: Don't Call Me
03: Drei

'Don't call me' is resilient body music, as is 'Something's Gonna Happen' but with added funk and syncopation. 'Drei' is something else altogether, spaced out and disorientating, but not quite as satisfying.

Title: Exit Strategy EP
Artist: Audio Injection
Label: Droid Recordings
Cat Number:
Genre: Techno

A1.Normal World (original mix)
A2. Exit Strategy (original mix)
B1. I've Fallen (original mix)
B2. Normal World (Luis Flores remix)
Digital 1: Normal World (Acid Circus remix)
Digital 2: Normal World (Ambivalent remix)

No nonsense techno that takes no prisoners and leaves you with a metallic taste in your mouth. I really like it but it should be used sparingly, a set full of this will give you an out-of-body skeleton transplant. Absolutely essential though.

Title: Greatest Hits
Artist: dOP
Label: Circus Company
Cat Number:
Genre: Self-Consciously Bonkers

01. Worm Hunting
02. No More Daddy
03. 1 Gram
04. Talk Show
05. Assurance Vie
06. Happy Meal
07. L' Hopital, La Rue, La Prison
08. U R
09. Lacy Lad
10. Love Ride
11. New York
12. Final Dive
13. 3 Suitcases
14. Deaf Wagrant

They couldn't come from anywhere else but Paris, suffused as they are with the rhythm of la java and the spirit of surrealism. Some great moments on this album and, if I'm really honest, I wasn't much of a fan before I listened to it, but I am now. More than a hint of 'Swordfishtrombones' period Tom Waits also, but that's not to say that it doesn't also embrace modernity when it wants to, as the backing tracks of 'Love Ride' and 'New York' show. Ethereal and haunting and, of course, full of interesting vocals.

Title: Low Point On High Ground
Artist: Adultnapper & Big Bully
Label: Simple Records
Cat Number: SIMPLE1048
Genre: House

A1: Low Point On High Ground
B1: DJ Sprinkles Rock Bottom Mix
Digital Only: North Of Us

Lovely piece of laid-back house with a vocal that fairly floats over a shuffling beat. 'North Of Us' although good, does have the feel of an outtake of 'Low Point . . .' Meanwhile, DJ Sprinkles turns the original into a ghost of its former self, with tumbling, jarring orchestration overshadowing the beat.

Title: Same Same EP
Artist: Jobody
Label: Apologue Recordings
Cat Number: APOL001
Genre: Techno

1: Same Same
2: Same Same (Truss remix)
3: 8008
4: Aspect 3
5: E Scape 1

Sound, capacious techno with a nod towards dubstep. The Truss remix has some nice concave sounds
but the originals are the best cuts, with '8008' and 'Aspect3' standing out.

Title: Structures
Artist: Walkner. Moestl
Label: Defusion
Cat Number:
Genre: Ambient Step

01. Presence (feat. Farda P. & Didier Uwayo)
02. Meanwhile (feat. Eva)
03. Dragoneye
04.The Dawning (feat. Martin Klein)
05. Head Down
06.Ascend (feat. Eva)
07. Fragments (feat. Nina)
08. Promise (feat. Eva)
09. Bullets
10. Crab Apple
11. Follow me
12. Broken World (feat. Elle Fee)
13. Faces
14. Movement (feat. Chanda Rule)
15. Saturn
16. Outro (feat. Farda P.)

The funkier tracks, such as 'Head Down', 'Crab Apple' and 'Follow Me' are ok, but when the tempo isn't picked up it's a bit too bogged down in its own sense of self-importance. Not really my cup of tea.

Title: Three Sided Shape
Artist: Scuba
Label: Hotflush
Cat Number: TRI002
Genre: Dubstep

A: Three Sided Shape
AA: Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday remix)

All good, with Will Saul and Mike Monday doing an excellent job on the remix. At its best when it's far underground.

Title: WaWuWe Mixed By Sebastian Mullaert
Artist: VA
Label: Mule Electronic
Cat Number:
Genre: Mix CD

01. Sebastian Mullaert – Lyssna Då Björkarna Viskar!! 
02. Claudio Fabrianesi & Donato Dozzy – Fade Out 
03. Leftover – Release 
04. Roger Gerressen – When We Were Young 
05. KAB – Social Events 
06. The Mole – Bounty Hunter 
07. El Txef A – She Kissed Me First (Minilogue Ghoest Disco) 
08. Sebastian Mullaert – Music Becomes A Function 
09. STL – Silent State 
10. Darko Esser – Balans 
11. Minilogue – Jakata B 
12. Black Jazz Consortium – Something Old 
13. Koss vs Minilogue – One 
14. Minilogue – Tzymbals 
15. Gunnar Jonsson – Massagerutin 1

1. The Machine – Fuse (åme Remix) 
2. Joe Claussell – Je Ka Jo (Drums of Passion) 
3. Oleg Poliakov – Midnight Vultures 
4. Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer – Jero (Extended) 
5. Minilogue – Intermediate State 
6. Rejected – Lost 
7. Sebastian Mullaert – Falling From Flowers 
8. Cobblestone Jazz – Chance Dub 
9. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut2 (First Version) 
10. Marlon D – Trust The Drum (Argy Edit) 
11. Samuel L Session – 101 Staccato (Beats) 
12. The Black Dog – CCTV Nation (Slam Remix) 
13. Sebastian Mullaert – Voices Around The Fire 
14. Daniel Mehlhart – Deep Crazy Synth (Minilogue’s District 7 Dub) 
15. Nsi – Dual 
16. Cio D’or – Goldbrokat 
17. XDB – My Secret Garden

Technically proficient mix displaying a range of sound from the depths of the abyss involving a selection that gradually builds, peaks and slides down the dark side of the mountain. An exemplary collection of a lot of todays tastemakers that, while not being overtly surprising is reassuringly synthetic. One small complaint. It's not really until t4 cd2 that the pace is properly picked up. Also, a little bit of unpredictability over the course of two discs would have been welcome.

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