Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Fuel

Well, there's been a relative dearth of good mixes to post recently, but like buses they all seem to turn up at once. Here are a few that have crossed my path in the last week.

Jamie Jones At Plastic People: 16.4.10

Came across this one today via Jamie's Facebook page. Recorded last Friday at Plastic People when, because of the cursed cloud of volcanic ash, he stood in for Motor City Drum Ensemble. Germany's loss is our gain, as far too few of his sets are readily available. This is the most recent I've come across since the Essential Mix back at the beginning of October.

Soul Clap At Sunday School For Degenerates WMC 2010

Episode 70 of "The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast." A series updated more often than the Wolf & Lamb one and just as good. This tumbled into my ITunes player yesterday. Subscribe to the whole series. It's well worth it.

Seth Troxler At Fabric On & On: 6.3.10

Part of one of Seth Troxler's set at Fabric during their marathon weekend at the beginning of March. Reminds me of a young Derrick Carter does Mr Troxler. He has the same feel for the music as DC and. as mentioned in a previous post, also has a great ear for an interesting vocal.

Lee Curtiss Afterhours Radio Show: 12.12.09

Not as hot off the press as the previous three offerings, but incredibly relevant nonetheless. Lee Curtiss and his libidinous brand of tech funk from a few months back.

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