Friday, April 16, 2010

Andrew Weatherall Live Electrics ll 1998

Next on the vintage cassette set upload we've got the quintessential English spinner, Andy Weatherall. I remember the night this piece of plastic was put in my hand. I used to live in Brixton, St Matthew's Road to be precise. Some friends of mine were down from Wallasey, Mssrs Pulford and Hurst (although Hurst was a London resident at the time), and we made the short walk up to the George lV on Brixton Hill. Mr Weatherall was playing with James Ruskin, who used to have a Blueprint label night there. In any case, champion of the mixtape freebie on the door that he was/is, we were given a copy of the cassette that I've digitized for your listening pleasure. I think it was Helene, Hursty's then sort of missus, that was given it and I managed to blag it off her. It's very good, particularly the second side which owes a heavy debt to the Detroit electro sounds of the era. Sorry, no tracklist.

Andy's rather hirsute on the accompanying photo, a little different from what he looked like back then. I particularly like the tattoo on his forearm. I wouldn't have put him down as an All Spice man.

I can't remember what the night itself was called. If anyone can, please get in touch.


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good stuff mate! I remember the night in question well, things got messy afterwards if I recall correctly. This tape was a favourite of mine for some time, until i wore it out.