Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Darkness And Light

Here's something I did this afternoon while I was in the mood. The next mix I do will be for a very special blog and will need a bit of time taken and a lot of thought devoted to it. Spontaneous as this one is, it's still well-balanced and, as far as I'm concerned, has a narrative.

Darkness And Light:

W.A.R. Dub - Trus'me (Prime Numbers)
Half - Vakula (Quintessentials)
December 10th - San Proper (Perlon)
Point Of No Return - Johnny D (Oslo)
Bump In The Night - Hugh Hephner (Siteholder Uncut)
The Music - Subb-An & Shelton (One Musik)
Disorder - The Cheapers (Upon You)
Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Techno mix) - Cio D'Or (Prologue)
Dark Room/Seduction - Ron Trent (Balance)
The Voice From Planet Love - Precious System (Running Back)
Teleparty - Robert Dietz (Cecille Numbers)
A Special Kind - Delano Smith (Third Ear)
That's That - Audion (Spectral)
Bounce The Blue - John Shenanigans (Circus Company)
Bells (Mr G's "No Bells" remix) - Semtek (Don't Be Afraid)
Hill St Blues - DJ Foxx & DJ Sense (Big Chief)
Sun Step - Oxia (8-Bit)
Juerca (Joke 04)
Things Fall Apart - Lee Foss (Culprit)
Miami Bass Machine - Ahmet Sisman (Slash)
These Times - Mihail Popoviciu (Highgrade)
Everybody I Got Him (2009 mix) - Mendo (Cadenza)
Metal Space (Mike Dehnert remix) - Samuli Kempii (Comisch)
Treat Me Right (Jimpster remix) - Tony Lionni (Freerange)

Download "Darkness And Light" here.

Or from Soundcloud.

Darkness And Light by Thetreecanopy

Done at Castle Corey, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK on the usual kit: two Technics 1210s, two Pioneer CDJ200s an Allen & Heath XOne:32 and recorded onto a Mac Probook using Audacity. One of these days I'll sort out Logic.

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