Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Here's What You Would Have Heard . . .

No one stepped forward to be my duty manager for this evening's show. A very frustrating state of affairs that, although it hasn't often occured, has always been a very real danger. Anyway, I was ready to go and even though I didn't broadcast tonight I thought I'd list what I would have played in my hypothetical playlist.

Machines Are Funky: 14.11.09

Aidy's Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall remix) - Darkstar (Hyperdub)
A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden - Jabberjaw (Spectral)
The Edge - Lee Foss (Culprit)
Move - Ahmet Sisman (Slash)
Slently (Kirk Degiorgio remix) - Clara Moto (Infine)
Rollerskate - Mathias Aguayo (Kompakt)
Meandyou dub - Lowtec (Smallville)
Close To Me (Robert Hood remix) Youandme (Ornaments)
Helix - Marcel Dettmann (Diamonds & Pearls)
How Can You Lose (Numbercult)
Nebula - Delano Smith (Mixmode)
A World Divided (Offworld mix) - Octave One (430 West)
Rawww - Sigha (Hotflush)
Pastilla - Anton Zap (Quintessentials)
The Paranormal (Wolf & Lamb remix) - Voodeux (Mothership)
Cyclic (Peter Van Hoesen remix) - Kevin Gorman (Mikrowave)
No Relief - Pete Grove (Thoughtless)
Perrako (Moodymanc Double Dub mix) - Microsoul (Lust)

So, the order of play would be different but the above is more or less what would have been played tonight. In addition there would have been shitloads of important, opinionated information. In spite of its detractors, I quite like the Magda Fabric 49 cd. Judging by some of the comments a lot of people were expecting something else, bit more receptive here, but this is par for the course on these forums. Martyn is doing Fabric 50, so that should be interesting.

I'll round up a few mixes this week and post a few links. Keep it locked.

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