Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Night's Playlist And CVS Competition Question

Here's last night's playlist:

Mainline (Sei-A remix) - Kris Wadsworth (Hypercolour)
Sandstorm - Ernie (Morris Audio Citysport Ed)
Traffic (Agnes remix) - Gruber & Nurnberg (Bloop)
Alternate - Langenberg (Dessous)
Browse - DPlay (Drumpoet Community)
La Palma - Alex Celler (AreaRemote)
The Mantra - Lee Curtiss (City Fox)

Pete Lever in the Mix:

Stand On The World (Hot Coins remix) - Joubert Singers (Tirk)
Astro Travelling - Andy Ash (Universal Vibes)
The Formula (dub vibes) - 6th Borough Project (Instruments Of Rapture)
Smit Smot - Mock & Toof (M & T)
Don't Go - Justus Kohncke (Kompakt)
Gestures - Toby Tobias (Late Night Audio)
Picnic (Revenge dub) - Red Rack 'Em (Deep Freeze)

Tom Hallmark in the Mix:

Tuc Tuc Tuc - Frivolous (MInibar)
Cracking Up - So Inagawa (Relaxine)
Fleurette (Tobias remix) - D'julz (Circus Company)
Pheromonia - Tom Clarke & Benno Blome (Highgrade)
Kuhle Fliege (Hugo remix) - Matt Star (International Freakshow)

I chatted lugubriously to Pete and Tom during 'Alternate' by Langenberg. I also asked this question.

What is the name of Claude Vonstroke's label, and from which city does it operate?

I have three copies of his Fabric mix for the lucky winners. You can leave a comment in any comment box on this blog, with full contact details please, including email, or email me at The competion will be open until the next show, which will be broadcast on the 30.5.09

Good luck!

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