Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Heavenly, Dahling

Heavenly/The Human Bond - E-Dancer (KMS)

Sheer unadulterated genius this. Simple, especially 'Heavenly' but with all the correct constituents. Is this Kevin Saunderson's best ever? Probably not, but wonderful nonetheless. I can smell the vinyl in Lexington Street's long-gone 'IQ Records' as Dave Mothersoul, Deano or ADJ hand me this. 'The Human Bond' has just been remixed by Claude Vonstroke for the Planet E 'History Elevate' series. I haven't heard it yet, and in any case it'd be unfair to make comparisons, whatever its standard, with the original monster.

I'll be posting one MP3 package a week to keep standards high, but also because I'm lazy. Keep your eyes out.

Next will be a much-requested Irish remix of a well-known German DJ/club promoter. Any guesses?

I've got the strangest feeling that I've posted this before, shurely shome mishtake?

Oh, run your mouse over the track title to download . . .

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