Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back Together Again

The first show of 2009 went a little something like this

Radar (Ashley Beedle remix) - Riz MC (Crosstown Rebels)
Cosmic Booty - Fabrice Lig (Musica)
Heaven - Moodymann (KDJ)
Walter Neff - Mathias Aguayo (Kompakt)
Groovin' - Anton Zap (Quintessentials)
Funkstart - W+P Hgg (Cornuta Sound)
Izvor 3 - Samoil Radinski (Logos)
Three Rows - Reboot (Raum Musik!)
Garuna (Bros Vibe remix) - Gorge (8-Bit)
Aphrika - Seth Troxler (Wolf + Lamb)
1 - Le Jockey (CDR)
He So Crazy - Wbeeza (Third Ear)
The Struggle (The Plan remix) - Aaron Carl (
Kuhl Fliege (Hugo remix) - Matt Star (International Freakshow)
Talking Computron - Ana + One (Siteholder Uncut)
7 - Pom Pom (Pom Pom)
Ambush (Brian Taafe remix) - Rob Glennon (Static Recordings)
Casual Care (Samuuli Kempii remix) - Peter van Hoesen (Time To Express)
From Within (Marcel Dettmann remix) - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Harmonisch Serie - Max Cooper (Traum)

The above photo, and the one with the bloke with a jet pack were filched by me from the excellent "Little Detroit" forum (link on the right). There is an ongoing "photos" post on their main forum. Check it out.

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