Sunday, October 05, 2008

Machines Are Funky: Playlist 4/10/08

I've been getting so much good stuff sent to me lately. I wish I had time to play it all. A mix will be available of some of the stuff I don't manage to within the next two weeks.

Silently - Clara Moto (Infine)
Regression - Jussi Pekka (Floppy Funk)
Pravda - Marcin Czubala (Mobilee)
Tropical One - Donato Dozzy (Railyard)
Bygone Times (Nostalgia mix) - Andy Vaz (Yore)
Srash - Mark Henning (Soma)
Temple - Dubble D (Third Ear)
Loophouse - David Keno (Morris Audio)
Texas Rangers (Danton Eeprom mix) - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
On The Mive - Eve White (Contentismissing)
More Than One - B12 (B12 Records)
Untitled - Andy Garcia (Docile)
Piece of Anything - Damian Schwartz (Net28)
Violencia (Function remix) - Silent Servant (Sandwell District)
Red Shift - Speedy J (Electric Deluxe)
Eight Days A Week - Pedro Cali (Fine Art)
Walkig Alone (Patrice Scott Atmospheric remix) - Mike Edge (Sistrum)
Mola (Tony Rohr remix) - Franco Bianco (Dilek)

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-uploading the Dave Congreve mix from last year, its no longer available, and it would be a great pity if it was lost forever.