Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Lock-Up

So, last Saturday I had the pleasure to play at one of Johny Davies' Horseplay parties. Strike another "strange party location" off the bedpost overnight. We were the first through the medieval castle door, which concealed what looked like a huge, grubby living room bordered by crusty sticky furniture, the likes of which I hadn't seen since The Fortress FOBB parties at the turn of the century. The Priory's Sam had cried off with some insignificant illness, and in turn the CDJs didn't arrive. This was a pain, because most of my best and newest most thrusting stuff is on cd. I was dying to play Seth Troxler's 'Love Never Sleeps' and sundry releases on Connaisseur, Mr G's remix of Dave Brennan on Bombis 'Shunsower' on Cecille Numbers and Galuszka's briliiant 'Bring The Bling' on Siteholder Uncut. Sadly this was not to be. Luckily I had a full bag of vinyl too.

So things got going at 12:30am, and after easing in with Trus'me's 'W.A.R. dub' and then Andy Vaz on Yore, the joint was well and truly jumping. Let's be honest, everybody was twatted and chomping at the bit for beats. My set went down a storm, even if I say so myself. Peaks, there were too many to mention, but lets just say taking H-Fondation's 'Here 'dis Sound' on Siesta was a masterstroke. I was having such a good time that the beers being bought for me were piling up and I couldn't be arsed opening them. Things were going so well that I completely forgot the mixer was a balsa wood Airfix special that was completely inaudible to all but dogs. I don't know how I got through it, but I handed over to Ian P (guest on my 15.11 show) at 2am, who then handed over to Pickles who was followed by Tom Hallmark.

There were some real basket cases there, but that all adds to the fun of the fair, and I like to think that my own mind-bending sounds contributed in some small way to their respective downfalls. Keeping it underground is by far the best option. I'm not alone in loving "clubbing" but disliking the current club experience, certainly in the way it is marketed in the UK and in most places beyond. Clubbers and football fans are constantly having the piss taken out of them royally. This won't change in a hurry either, if at all. These days I'm quite happy to relax in the comfort of my own home with a nice glass of Crozes Hermitage and some techno in the background. Going out is still important, but ceased to be the be all and end all a long time ago.

Anyway, Johny's party was excellent and once a month is about right. Cambridge has always been a bit desperate but this is the proverbial shot in the arm. The only problem is that one would feel a little bit elitist reading out party details on the radio to a public that are unable to attend because they don't know the right people. I'm all for keeping it compact and bijou anyway, but do feel that any like-minded souls should be let in on the deal, whether they can make it or not. There will be a Facebook group set up to give news and general info about these dos, and when it happens a link will appear on this blog. The 22nd November party will have Chris Box of Bournemouth funksters Delete headlining. I'm probably going to be back in January, when nobody's got any money.

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