Saturday, November 17, 2007

Machines Playlist and Indispensable tracks 2

Here's the playlist for tonights show.

The first hour was occasionally interrupted by an interview with George and Sam of The Priory:

Pale Fire - Clara Moto (Infine)
The Devil Is An Englishman - Luke Solomon (Crosstown Rebels)
Take Away - Michal Ho (Tuning Spork)
A Storm - Ekkohaus (Serialism)
20, 000 Freaks - Jackal & Hyde (DeTeLe Funk)
Hook Up - Paul Brtschhirsch (Leena)
Various - Chase HQ (Horseplay)
Johnny Rotten Disco Balls - Le K (Floppy Funk)
Takk Brett - Federico Molinari (Oslo)Que Pasa Maria - Ziggy Kinder (Souvenir)

George in the Mix:

Roby C - Disco Robot - Riva Starr remic (Beiek)
Mark Knight & D Ramirez - System (Toolroom)
Johannes Heil - Artology - Destillat remix (Klang Elektronik)
Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier - Shez Satan (Planet E Communications)
Adonis - No Way Back - Vocal mix (Trax Records)
Hardfloor - ...Me, Three (No Respect)
Alexi Delano - The Acid Sessions - the r-edit (ADLtd)
Alter Ego - Transphormer - Johannes Heil remix (Klang Elektronik)
Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon (F Communications)
H-man - Manga - Thomas Schumacher remix (Giant Wheel)
X-Press 2 - Muzikum part 2 (Skint)
Cirez D - Tigerstyle (Mouseville)
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Simply Recordings)
Commix - Satellite Song - Underground Resistance remix (Metalheadz)
Adonis, Charles B - Lack of Love (Simply Recordings)

Download the mix here.

And it was a good show too. Now onto some tracks. Not as old as what I usually post.

Feel The Love (Nuit Blanche Edit) - The Spencer Filipsson Experience (Crack and Speed)

The record label with the best name in the world has failed to hit its early heights recently. This is, in my opinion, their finest hour. Sleazy pop electro with a great spoken word that is just the right side of cheese.

Quebec Nightclub - Akufen (Perlon)

Part of an eponymous double-pack. Marc Eclair has never sounded better. Sampladelic, up for it, stripped-down house music of the highest order.

Lift Off (Extended Instrumental Re-Remix) - The Parallax Corporation (Viewlexx)

Ten minutes of italo madness. It's a 70s grand prix through the alleys of your mind. On Manchester Shitteh blue vinyl. Gertcha!

Smokin Jakkit (Original)

Smokin Jakkit (Luciano remix)

R Rash (

Both sides of the Exact audio rerelease of the Trelik classic. Luciano plays the arse out of "Make Your Body Move" by Minimal Man. This is another of his Trelik faves. His remix hollows it out and makes it an instant warehouse classic.

And again, I've nearly forgotten the competition question.

I've got two copies of the new Steve Bug Fabric mix to part with. Here's the question.

Steve Bug's Poker Flat label has a deeper sister label. What is it called?

Answers to any comments section in this blog between now and the next show, or to, or

Don't forget to leave all contact details, and email addresses if you leave a comment. Mark emails "Bug Comp".

Good luck.

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